Friday, October 24, 2014

Story Starter - Week Thirteen

This week's Story Starter is a small beginning to a story. Write a story or poem inspired by the paragraphs below. You can use the "beginning" anywhere in your story; it doesn't just have to start your story. Or you can just use it to inspire a completely different story having nothing to do with the sentences below.

David took the bandage off his wrist. The skin underneath was still red and angry looking. A beautiful mermaid, in full color looked back at him from the lines of the tattoo. 
'"David, we have work to do. You need to do exactly as I say." 
The female voice appeared to be coming from his new tattoo, but that was crazy. Right?

As always, I would love to read what you write, so please copy and paste what you've written into the comments, if you feel like doing so.

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